• Class Nursery to UKG.
  • Class 1st to 2nd
  • Class 3rd to 5th
  • Class 6th & 7th
  • From 8th onwards Subject wise classes.

We provide the classroom tuitions in a professional way from class Nursery to 10th. We have three separate classrooms and one office block to cater the need of all the classes.

In totality we are four experienced staff members and approach of every staff is student centric.

Our classroom tuition classes are unique and very professional compare to those who teaches at home. We create a difference with the people teaching at home. Major differences with regard to the people who are teaching at home are :-

E 3 Skills Academy Tuition approach Person teaching at home
Professional approach. Sometime home tutor has a time pass approach as no expenses.
Specialized teacher for different classes and different subjects One teacher for all classes and all subjects.
Only professional behavior as teachers is away from home. At Home a mixture of personal and professional life.
Average time devoted per student is very high. Average time devoted per student is very less.
Professional environment at professional institutes. If professional approach can be at home only, then why not your own home & why another home?
Training of the teachers from professionals and equipped to use modern teaching skills. No such specific trainings and mostly home teachers are not equipped to use modern tools of teachings.
Regular audits of teaching quality. No Audit of the teaching quality.

Our USP's

  • AC Classrooms.
  • Adequate Student Teacher Ratio
  • Highly Qualified Faculty
  • A mix of professional and homely approach.
  • Monthly Progress Report.
  • Audio Visual Teaching Aids.