Dermatoglyphics word is a combination of two words derma=skin and glyph=carving. So Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints, lines, mounts, and shapes of hands. Dermatoglyphics refers to the formation of naturally occurring ridges on certain body parts, namely palms, fingers, soles and toes. These are areas where hair usually does not grow and these ridges allow for increased leverage when picking up objects or walking barefoot. The finger prints of both hands are not the same. They do not change size or shape throughout a person's life, except in cases of serious injuries that scar the dermis.

Process of DMIT :–

We take finger prints of the child and study the same manually as well as computerized. Based upon the study of the finger prints we prepare a personalized report.

Contents of DMIT :–

1) Dominant and preferred learning style of the child.
2) Psychological and Behavioral Part of the child.
3) Activeness of Left and Right Brain.
4) Neuron distribution in Left and Right Brain.
5) Distribution of Multiple Intelligences (Concept of Dr. Howard Gardner).
6) Distribution of Intelligence, Emotional, Adversity & Creativity Quotient. (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ)
7) Learning sensitivity of the child.
8) Allocation of various other abilities.
9) Selection of best field of study.
10) Selection of best profession.

Benefits of DMIT :-

1. Apply the right approach in your kid’s upbringing.
2. Know the inborn characteristics of an individual.
3. Boost Child’s self confidence.
4. Know the IQ, EQ, AQ & CQ and how to improve them.
5. Know the learning and acquiring styles of the child.
6. Strengthen the parent and child bond.
7. Invest wisely in the self development programmes of your child.
8. Plan ahead to achieve the goals.