Mid Brain Activation

If you are searching on google how to increase the efficiency of child's brain or how to make the child genius then consider yourself lucky because you are on the right page. Here is the concept that how the power of the brain increased. Through Mid Brain activation programme we can make your child a genius / super kid.

Generally speaking, the countries already conducting brain activation are: Japan, India, Singapore, Russia, Tibet, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ceylon, Australia, Thailand, China, Hongkong, and many other countries to follow. Japan has in fact conducted the research for 40 years.

Process of Midbrain activation :-

A very simple question arises in the minds of the parents that how mid brain is activated basically we use a research based methodology which is scientifically proven. Mid brain activation process includes Songs, Dance, Games, Fun, Exercises, Music and Sounds. It also includes very short motivational movies. In short class is completely filled with Fun and Happiness. It is a scientific and natural process and nothing is related with religious and spiritual activities. No medication is used while activating the mid brain.

Age for Mid Brain Activation

Mid Brain activation training adaption age is 5 to 15 year because in this age it is easier to absorb new things and also it is easy to adapt to new ways of learning. Regardless of the child's current academic standards, the MidBrain activation will further strengthen and improve their ability. If children can use their whole brain, this will help them to obtain higher success in their future.

Activities performed after activation

The children are able to read and do anything with eyes closed, such as

  • Identification of colours and Numbers with blind fold.
  • Reading & Colouring with blind fold.
  • Identify the objects from distance with blind fold.
  • Something inside the close box
  • Guessing something behind the wall.
  • Walking, Cycling, Shooting or playing a game on the PC with his eyes closed.

Benefits of Midbrain Activation:

  • Simultaneous use of Left & Right Brain infuses better result in all areas.
  • Increase in Intuitions
  • Improved Memory and concentration
  • Significant improvements in Behavior & Attitude of Child.
  • More confidence.
  • Better academics

Course Time Frame

2 days complete workshop and 10 classes of 1 Hr. each only on Sunday.