Learn English

We all know that English is now considered as global Language and crossing all the barriers because of English language. It’s an internationally accepted language and now most of the people can speak in English. English is the language which is now accepted all over the world.

We have separate courses in English designed as per the needs of the children and adults.

Based upon the teaching methodology bifurcation of our English courses are :–

  • Age Group 5 Years to 10 Years.
  • Age Group 11 Years to 16 Years
  • Separate courses for Adults

Our English courses includes all the four modules of English which are :–

1) Listening Skills by using Audio sessions
2) Reading Skills
3) Speaking Skills
4) Writing Skills

How we Improve the English Language :–

  • Learning English Grammar
  • Improving English Vocabulary
  • Improve common mistakes in English
  • Reading English Newspaper
  • Listening English songs and Watching English Movies
  • Making discussion on a particular topic everday in English.
  • Write a dairy on daily basis in English
  • Focus on tenses

Time Period :-

No specific time frame fixed for these courses this all depends upon the current knowledge of the candidate.