Smart Hand Writing

Smart Handwriting - now a days it's very debatable topic some people believes that now it's the era of key board skills. Students must have strong keyboard and tech skills. But still most of the educationist believes that a good handwriting is very very important and the age to acquire smart handwriting skills are between 5 Years to 12 Years.

Handwriting has the benefits and some key brain connections which are not easily replaceable. Handwriting process involves the coordination between the mind and the motor actions of the brain Here are some key reasons to acquire good handwriting skills.

  • Using pen and paper boost the memory.
  • Stronger Academic Performance
  • Handwritten correspondence is more meaningful.
  • Increase in the focus.
  • Good Handwriting means more friends in the school & easy admiration from teachers.
  • More recognisition.
  • Hand eye coordination exercise.

Our specially designed course teach the students "How to Write" and the various techniques involved in good handwriting that includes Proper positioning of the pen, Proper posture, how to keep notebook, position of the hand, how to use different kind of pens and more importantly coordination of brain, eyes and hands.

Our course not only includes the writing skills but also includes some of the exercises that are helpful in good writing.

Course highlights

  • Handwriting is a 20 to 25 Hrs. Training programme.
  • 1 Hrs 30 minutes class twice in a week.
  • Individualized Training
  • No burden of home work
  • Our exclusive study material
  • Special exercises.