School Programmes

  • Abacus
  • Vedic Math

There is a totally different methodology to be adopted while training at school.

We have seen that many of the institutes taught Abacus and Vedic Math in the similar way as it was taught by them at their private centers but the teaching methodology for schools and private centers is totally different. This is because of no. of factors like time per period in school is 40 to 50 minutes and strength in a class is 30 to 50 students though at a private centre it is 2 Hrs regular class and no. of students are always less then 30.

We have only two classes per week for Abacus students and One class per week for Vedic Math Students.

Benefits for Schools

  • Increase in average IQ of student.
  • Better branding of school
  • Better Results
  • Better than competitors
  • More focus on other subjects.

Fee for teaching Abacus and Vedic Math in schools is very less compare to private classes.

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